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Jul 29, 2016

There's a town in Pennsylvania that seems to be a little too attached to their local Dunkin Donuts store. Meanwhile, a woman claims that she was sexually assaulted by a child's toy at a Chinese restaurant. Plus, Garry talked Rock-n-Roll billboards with author Robert Landau.

Jul 28, 2016

Garry has a front row seat for the California wildfires. Meanwhile, a guy has been charged with a felony for doing something that kids have been doing for year to make a little extra money. Plus, a man who had a rare hand transplant is suffering from some setbacks, which brings up some interesting and slightly...

Jul 26, 2016

Fresh off of Garry's first Uber experience, a local Chicago TV reporter has decided to ditch his job to drive for a ride share company. Meanwhile, the problems at the Olympics in Rio continue as the athletes are now starting to arrive. Plus, the missing Malaysia Airlines flight is back in the news once again.

Jul 25, 2016

Garry's California adventures continue, including his first attempt at using Uber. Meanwhile, the last company to produce VCR's has finally decided to throw in the towel. Plus, there was some interesting signage at the Republican National Convention last week.

Jul 22, 2016

Garry has a bit of a bone to pick with restaurants for the seasonal beverage menu choices. Meanwhile, a Playboy Playmate has become the target of Internet outrage after she bodyshamed an unsuspecting woman in a steam room. Plus, Garry talked with College of DuPage Linguist David Durian about the disappearance of...